Saturday, May 10, 2008

Summer Comes Marching In.

I broke down and turned on the a.c. today. I was going to try to last through Monday when I leave for New York, but after walking all over town with a stack of books, and walking back home with the heaviest ones because nobody wanted to buy them, I turned on the a.c. I guess everybody knows the textbook business is a big scam, so I'll spare you the rant.

I took my last final yesterday! My grades will be posted in a few days, but I'm pretty sure I got all A's except for that one B.

Monday evening I'm flying to New York to help put together a concert performance of Lizzie Borden (a showcase for venue people, producers, and stars we're hoping will want to get involved with the production). I'll be there for about 3 weeks, and then I hope to go to Indiana for a bit. My mother just had major surgery and she'll be recovering, so I want to visit and help out however I can.

("Summer comes marching in with his heavy boots on." from Florida, my favorite Patty Griffin song -- it breaks my heart every time I listen to it, which is a lot)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Thanks for Sharing.

I'm debating with myself whether I should respond to, ignore, or delete comments like the one from "anonymous" to this post. I appreciate the criticism. I like it when my blog becomes something more than just me sending my thoughts into a vacuum, but, besides the fact that anonymous comments are kind of creepy and underhanded in general, I'm not sure how comments like this, which seem to come from a resentment about something other than my blog post, shed any light on the subject. On the other hand, maybe I'm just feeling insulted or guilty and that's why I think this person is full of shit.

I wish my shy commenter would at least sign his or her name to his or her words of wisdom.