Wednesday, June 4, 2008

War and Whiskers.

My dad is a Civil War buff. The military stuff doesn't interest me much, but the politics do. Over the last two nights, we watched Gods and Generals (it's almost 4 hours long) and he's watching Gettysburg tonight. I'm wandering in to catch bits of it, but I can only take so much. Great acting, and beautiful photography, but the ponderous tone wears me out. I know there's a case to be made that this class of people in this time were more eloquent and sentimental, but was everything that came out of their mouths so lofty?

The best thing about these movies -- and the Civil War era -- is the facial hair. It's infinitely varied, elaborate, masculine, and very sexy.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Indiana Wants Me.

I got my teeth cleaned today! Well, at least the first stage. Apparently since I hadn't had my teeth cleaned in 6 years, I needed some kind of super comprehensive cleaning. Today they did a "total mouth debridement" (translation: chipping plaque off the teeth with a chisel) and I have another appointment in two weeks for what I think they were calling a "fine scaling," to get whatever the chisel left behind.

I don't have any new cavities, only one where a filling cracked and fell out. The dentist said since it's so close to the nerve I might want to just have it taken out. The tooth, that is. It's a wisdom tooth. Yank it out, I say. That way, I won't have to worry about it any more.

I feel giddy. I had become so self-conscious about my breath that I was avoiding public gatherings, I was really avoiding meeting new people, and I got terribly anxious going into any situation in which I might have to speak with anyone at close range. Any time I had to talk to anyone at school I found myself muttering out of the side of my mouth. But I am an outcast no more!

I'll be in Indiana until some time around the end of July. I'm staying with my mom and dad while my mom recovers from surgery she had a few weeks ago, helping with gardening and cooking and anything else they need and enjoying the nice long visit with my family that I haven't been able to have for many years. My sister and her family along with her in-laws -- they all live about 45 minutes away -- are going on a trip in mid-July, and I'm going to house-sit and cat-sit for them. They're going to pay me for it, which I feel a little strange about because it is something I would happily do anyway, but the money makes it possible for me to stay here for this extended time. So it all works out.

I was also counting on my $600 check from the IRS to help me get through the summer, but now I don't think I'm going to get one, since everyone I know has gotten theirs or at least a letter saying that one is on the way. Not that I necessarily deserve $600 from the federal government, but if everyone else is getting it I want mine too. I deserve to be pandered to as much as anyone! (I don't know if I was excluded because I earned so little money last year, or because I'm a student, or what.)