Monday, April 5, 2010


M has been gone for 10 days, I haven't gotten any sub work since early last week, there aren't any teacher job openings in Austin that I haven't already applied for. My car is in the shop. JP backed into it last week and smashed the front fender, so they're fixing it.

Things I could be doing: 1) volunteering for aGLIFF, either screening submitted films or helping out in the office, 2) revising either of two screenplays I'm working on, 3) pre-production work on Men & Boys, my short film, 4) preliminary work on a smaller video piece I have in mind in case I don't raise the money I need to make "Men & Boys," 5) reading the new Barbara Kingsolver novel (I started it a few days ago, it's great -- it's set in Mexico City in the 1930s). I know if I sit down to read I'll just fall asleep.

I don't want to do anything today except look at tumblr blogs and play Angry Birds on my iPhone.