Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cold Feet.

J and I went to an event at U.T. last night called Fest Africa ("celebrating the mosaic that is Africa"). A girl in my Spanish class had given me a flier for it. Dancing and music and -- this is what caught my eye and made me want to go -- $5 a plate for African food. We watched a couple of the acts, had some food (it was yummy), and didn't stay longer than that. J had a itch for dessert so we walked home and rode our bikes to Blue Dahlia, a newish cafe in the neighborhood where I had bread pudding and J had cheesecake. J has been treating me pretty often to meals out and movies lately, because I don't have any extra money and because he's just a nice guy.

Over dessert he told me that he's getting cold feet about our move to M&J's property. To be honest my feet have been chilly from the beginning. We both love our neighborhood and we love being downtown and near the U.T. campus. But we talked about it for a while and decided, I think, that the advantages of moving outweigh the disadvantages.

I stopped by the financial aid office yesterday to ask a few questions about summer. I will be 9 credit hours short of my degree this spring, so I'm going to take 3 courses this summer. I was reassured to find out that there will be some financial aid available to cover it. Still, I'm going to run out of money around about April or May, so even though my school expenses will be covered I need about $5,000 to cover my rent and food through the spring and summer. Actually, I don't spend nearly that much on rent and food, but I'm still paying off a credit card from my documentary. That bill is almost as much as my rent.

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