Sunday, February 1, 2009

Me, Today.

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. The beginning of the semester always brings this feeling. I look at the syllabuses (I refuse to say "syllabi" -- for some reason it's annoying to me how people in academia insist on using Latin plurals) all together and start thinking, oh my god, there's no way I can do all of this stuff -- read 2 dozen books, write several papers, take all those tests, learn all that stuff! -- for some reason forgetting that I don't have to do it all right this second.

And then there's math. I don't even have a math class this semester (I'm putting off my one and only math class until the last possible moment, this summer), but my stage rigging class involves some math, and my anthropology class involves a lot of math. Who knew? Not me, for sure. The anthropology class is hard core -- it's called Human Evolution, extremely interesting stuff, but seriously hard. Chemistry (fossil dating), statistics (classifying fossil bones), and taxonomy up the wazoo.

And there's some great stuff happening with Lizzie Borden in New York. They're doing a showcase production in February to try out the new book and songs, slightly more staged than the reading we did last spring, but still short of the full production which is planned for next fall. I couldn't be there for the auditions, but they had a big open call and from what I heard they saw lots of great people and have a strong cast. I'll miss most of the rehearsals, but I'm flying there for the show in 3 weeks. Maybe another reason I'm feeling stressed out is that it's all happening without me.

I dropped out of school 3 times because working as an artist was more compelling to me than school (well, to be honest, the third time I dropped out it was because of a man), so I'm determined to finish this degree this time. Besides, I couldn't just move to New York for this show. I don't have a paid role in the production, so it wouldn't have any way to make a living there. But god I hate missing this!

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