Sunday, March 15, 2009

Taylor Swift.

I first heard, and heard of, Taylor Swift when I was staying with T in New York and we watched SNL. She was the musical guest. I was mesmerized. I had no idea until days later when I looked for her on iTunes that she was a country artist. It sounded like pure pop to me. Really good pure pop.

I don't like the CD versions of the songs -- she's much better live -- so I didn't download anything. The clip below is a bizarre production number from the CMA Awards. Here's one that's a little more stripped down. I searched for the SNL clip, but the NBC goons have already made sure nobody gets to see their "property." (How does alienating your audience make good business sense?) The SNL performance is better than either of these versions. I don't know that I can really explain yet why, but Taylor Swift makes me feel good about the future of country music.


ep said...

That song is completely infectious, in a good way. I totally agree.

Steven said...

The song Forever and Always is great too, I think. I sure wish I could find the SNL clips of her singing both these songs. There's less of the pseudo-country frills that are on the CD versions, and she's playing guitar which completes the whole girlpop thing for me. It's like a straight line from Carol King through Chrissie Hynde to what she's doing. I hope I'm not over-reacting, but I think there's something really special about her. I'm smitten!

Tay_Swift_Fan said...

I had both but when I checked right now one had been deleted. I just have SNL of her singing "Forever & Always" If you go to CMT (dot) Com and to Taylor Swift's Message board. I'm a member of her group. Just click on my name or join the group (it's cool) and go to my profile I have the video uploaded there for viewing, enjoy! My member name is: Tay_Swift_Fan