Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dad's Briefs.

My mother calls male genitalia "outdoor plumbing." I had to stop running for a few days because it's been so humid I got a case of jock itch, the news of which I had little choice but to share with my mother. I can't make a move here without being questioned as to what I'm doing -- she notices everything and comments on it -- and I had to drive to the store to get something to treat it. And I have had to stop running until the rash clears up because sweating exacerbates it, but I wanted Mom to know there was a good reason I wasn't using the expensive shoes she bought me. Later, she brought in a pair of my dad's underwear, made of some high-tech fabric that keeps you from sweating or something and asked me if I wanted some. She would order me a couple pair if I wanted. They were sort of silky and metallic gray and not completely unsexy. My dad apparently has also gone from boxers back to briefs, just like I did a couple years ago. I do want to try the space-age briefs, but something, many things, about the idea of wearing the same underwear as my dad makes me very uncomfortable.

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Potential Answers:
If you have ever seen your dad in his underwear you may have noticed the size of his junk. You were probably younger. You feel uncomfortable about wearing the same underwear because you don't want to grow up or because you're afraid you can't fill them out and most importantly... you realize that by wearing the same underwear, or switching to the same, means that you are getting older and someday will die. It's a mortality thing, a sex thing, and a maturity thing. Don't let it bother you. Put them on and be ball sweat free. You'll feel liberated.