Tuesday, January 1, 2013


We saw Lincoln last night, and I struggled to stay awake in the first half, which I assume had less to do with the film than with the cocktail I had with dinner. But I don't know. I've never been a Spielberg fan. I perked up when that dress swallowed Sally Field and her grief in one gulp. (New Year's resolution: more Sally Field.) There are lots of things I want to say about the film, but I won't. It's really not fair, since I was dozing on and off for the first hour.

C's and my taste in movies overlaps narrowly -- and I kind of hate the whole multiplex experience -- so we don't go see a lot of movies. However, C's annual mission is to see every film in the top Oscar categories, and there are lots of movies I want to see among this year's contenders. So we have a nice list of movies to see together, some of them maybe more to my taste than his (the Sessions, Amour).

That said, the annual mission is his, not mine, and I will probably draw the line at Django Unchained and Zero Dark Thirty. He owes me big time for sitting through the Hobbit.