Wednesday, February 28, 2007


J. deposits the rent in our landlord's bank account, so I usually transfer my portion of the rent into J.'s account at the beginning of the month. We keep receipts for anything we share (groceries, household stuff), put them on the bulletin board, and at the end of the month we add them up to see who owes who money. I always owe J. This month it's a lot.

Our utility bill was huge, because we used our heaters on lots of days in January and February. And we spend way too much on groceries. I hope we can get into a CSA farm before too long to ease that expense a bit. The produce from our garden will help too, but that won't be till summertime.

Z. invited me over to his place tonight to "ignore a movie." We haven't seen each other yet since I got home from the drug study.

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