Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Not Hardly Worth It.

I harvested our soybean crop today. Five plants, about 30 beans. I boiled them and J. and I ate them with a little sea salt. They barely covered the bottom of a ramekin. Not exactly high yield. More of an experiment than a crop. Even before the bugs got to them, they didn't seem happy. Maybe it was the partial shade, or the soil. I'm thinking no soybeans next year.

About a third of them were destroyed by the big black bugs. It turns out they're suckers, not chewers, so I couldn't see the damage they were doing. It looked like they were sitting there doing nothing, so I left them alone, but, while I was giving them the benefit of the doubt, they were enjoying soybeans through a straw for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Speaking of the bugs, I relocated about 8 of them this morning. I've become very brave, chasing them up and down the tomato plant, grabbing at them with my fingers. There were a few on the Thai chile plant. Now that they're done with the soybeans, they're on to the next course. I guess they like spicy food.

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Mike said...

I've enjoyed your posts these last few weeks. Found you through JoeMyGod, but live here in Austin.

If you need any help with the bugs, let me know....I do have a copy of the Texas Bug Book and am an organic gardener.

Give me a shout @ pj1550@hotmail.com