Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bugs and Money.

I'm still battling those black bugs. Except now they're all grown up and have wings. They look extra super creepy now, and they buzz when they fly. They want those tomatoes bad.

I was all set for a drug trial starting this Thursday. I did the screening yesterday. The recruiter called me back to pee in a cup again today, but shortly after I got home, she called to say that the doctor excluded me because of my penicillin allergy. That has happened two or three times, even though they say at first that my penicillin allergy is not an issue with the particular drug, they change their minds at the last minute.

What next? I've been trying to do one of these studies since April. This is the fourth study I've been rejected by, and each time I go through this process and don't get in the study I'm set back a few weeks. I'm way behind with the bills.

I think I'll go to the financial aid office at U.T. this week and try to find out if I'm going to be starting school in the fall. Knowing about that will give some structure to the money miasma. I'm leaning toward looking for a job, because I crave at least a hint of routine. But what kind of job?

I was talking about my predicament to J's friend C who is here visiting us for a few days. She asked if I'd considered construction. I said that I would rather be one of those guys who begs for change at the intersection than do construction. If I'm going to be outside in the heat all day, I don't want to have to do anything physical. If I have to get a job, I want a job where they leave you alone and just give you the money.

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