Thursday, August 23, 2007

Against Spontaneity.

Yesterday I went to a workshop called "Don't Sweat It," led by one of the therapists in the counseling department. It was designed for transfer students: a combination of stress reduction and relaxation techniques along with an overview of the counseling and academic support services available at U.T.

When I walked in the door, an older woman, probably in her sixties, with white hair tied up in a red bandanna, was the only one in the room (apparently we "older students" like to arrive early). She smiled big and said, "Hello!" I almost said, "Oh, I'm glad to see I won't be the oldest person here." You have no idea how close I came to saying that. I think I even made a gagging sound as I stopped the words from coming out of my mouth. She was so friendly and bright, and I guess I thought it would be a light, funny thing to say.

I'm blushing.

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