Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Draft.

We got the draft option agreement from the producers of Lizzie Borden last week. It's 11 pages long, and I'm a little shocked to find that I know what most of it means. I have some questions for the lawyers, but for the most part it looks close to what we expected, so I don't think there will have to be a lot of back and forth to get to a final version.

What's unexpected is that, after paying the attorney and covering expenses we incurred in revising and preparing the music and book, there's not much left of our advance. But we get royalties of course, so if the show is a hit we all get rich! Or something like that.

The name of the production company is Took An Axe Productions. This is very exciting!

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Mike M said...

Kick ass brother.

You've waited a long time for the right moment. Is this that moment in time where it all lines up?

I'll put it out there.....