Friday, March 21, 2008

Fifties Day.

This morning I put on my favorite pair (my only pair) of 501s and a white t-shirt. Lately I've been putting lots of goo in my hair and slicking it back because I never know what to do with my hair and I don't like the way it looks if I don't do anything. But I realized just now when I looked in the mirror that I look like I'm dressed up as Fonzie for a Halloween party.

I also look quite a bit like my dad. I have a few pictures of him from the late fifties, from just before and just after he and my mom got married, in which he's wearing exactly what I have on right now and his hair is slicked back. It's not hard to see why my mom fell in love with him. So, though it's not not weird, it's not necessarily horrifying that I resemble him more and more. But, in those photos, he's in his early twenties. I'm pushing fifty. Tomorrow is my forty-seventh birthday.


jdjb said...

i think you need to add a photo for the rest of the world to see (maybe one of your dad and one of you...

Lily's Mommy said...

I second jdjb.

A. Garrison said...

It is disturbing and comforting at the same time to inhabit one's family resemblance.

Hi, Steven-

On a completely different subject--you saw THIRD WARD TX at SXSW last year and liked it. It is playing in the New Orleans International Human Rights Festival on April 19th. Can I send you some more information, maybe pictures or links to pictures, that you might write some more about the film and it's screening in New Orleans?

Andrew Garrison
director, Third Ward Tx