Friday, June 5, 2009

Back to School.

I started school again yesterday. I still associate summer school with remedial classes because that's what it was when I was in elementary school. Though it's not exactly remedial, the math class I'm taking has a little of that feeling because it's math for liberal arts majors. For most of the people in the class, it's the only math class they'll take (only one is required) and they're terrified of it. Like me.

The teacher is great. Very sweet-tempered and reassuring.

My other class is Applied Human Anatomy. It's in the kinesiology department, not biology, which I'm hoping will make it a little easier. Kinesiology is (I think) for students who want to get into fields like sports management and fitness. We'll be cutting up human cadavers in the lab part of the class. I wouldn't have taken a class where we had to dissect animals, but human bodies I think will be fascinating. At any rate, I will have a new experience.

These are my only two classes for now. The summer session is divided into two periods, with one or two classes each period. A whole semester's worth of material is crammed into five weeks, so the pace is frenetic. It sounds hard, but I think I'll like the more concentrated study. During the regular semester I have usually felt like my focus is too diffuse because I have 4 or 5 very different subjects to keep track of.

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ep said...

I agree that the "intensity" of 5 weeks will probably give you a better experience. I wish the working world could grasp the concept. 9-5 seems a ridiculous stretch sometimes, when some folks do all their work in the morning, or afternoon, depending on the work load and their energy level.

I'm not sure I get the human vs. animal cadaver thing. Both would be hard for me. I guess the humans had a choice to donate their bodies to research? Hopefully. I had to dissect a worm and a frog in high school. Gross, but also fascinating. We never had to do mammals...

I also wanted to say that i loved your "faith" post. I didn't really have any comment, but it made me think. xo e