Saturday, October 3, 2009


It's a gloomy gloomy rainy day and I have a cold. The last few years I've been getting these frustrating colds that start with about 3 days of a sore throat and, just when the sore throat is waning and I think I'm over whatever it is I have, I wake up the next day with a full on congested running nose head cold. Since it's happened several times now, I should see it coming and not get so bummed out. So much for my short-term memory.

Being a little sick shouldn't matter much since I have nothing much going on right now. It's only important in the scheme of things because I've been seeing someone. Well, if two dates qualifies as "seeing someone." It has been over a span of time, so it feels more substantial. He travels a lot with his job, I've been going back and forth to New York, several weeks passed between our first and second date which was last weekend. Then I got sick. I thought I may have even gotten the cold from him, or he from me, because we both felt under the weather on Monday, but he didn't get any worse and got better soon.

We have a date tomorrow, which I will probably cancel because I feel like crap. He's leaving again Tuesday for a week, and then I'm leaving the following week for New York again.

This is probably the most boring blog post int he history of the world, but I'm determined to keep blogging daily for a while to get back in the habit.

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Dolly said...

Hey Steven -- I have to share my "no colds" trick with you -- it's worked for me for 20 years -- I might have had a total of 5 colds in that time. At the very first sign of an oncoming cold (the scratchy throat, the sniffles, the cough) immediately eat a couple of cloves of raw garlic. Mash it up and swallow with some milk or water. This is hard to do first thing in the morning, but it works like a charm! Andrew Weil recommends it in his book "Natural Health, Natural Medicine," which I first got in 1990, and I have been doing this ever since. Now I don't even have to actually eat the garlic! I just get out the garlic press and threaten my body -- all symptoms vanish within a half hour. It's amazing!