Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Our History.

I've been reading Rick Jacobs' excellent live-blogging of the Prop 8 trial in San Francisco (Perry v. Schwarzenegger). It's a shame this trial isn't being televised -- not, as so many have said, because it will expose the opposition's argument as a sham; I guess I'm cynical enough to believe that people's opinions about marriage are pretty well entrenched by now -- but because the plaintiff's side is presenting an amazing, concise history of the institutional discrimination against homosexual people in the United States. Most queer people don't know this stuff, let alone heteros. Learn your history, people!

Of course, Anita Bryant came up, and I was curious to see if the famous pie-in-the-face incident was on youtube. It is.

But then I found something even better. A short film, obviously made by stoners, but intended to prevent kids from trying drugs. Delicious.

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