Friday, February 12, 2010

Dark Shadows.

Did everybody but me know that Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are making a movie of Dark Shadows? Oh my god.

I loved this show when I was little. It came on some time in the interval between school and dinner. I remember only getting to see it sporadically. Maybe I wasn't allowed to watch it at home. It was so disturbing in the very best possible way. Monsters in a soap opera! The kind of disturbing that a 9-year-old boy craves. Not to mention how sexy Quentin was, writhing and groaning as he turned into the wolfman.

And, as an added bonus, I just discovered that Dark Shadows was created by Dan Curtis, who directed Trilogy of Terror and Burnt Offerings.

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Aly said...

Good to know. One of my all time favs growing up.