Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Dick Cheney is bragging about his war crimes, Uganda is close to passing legislation calling for the execution of homosexuals, and this is what people are up in arms about today? Is it possible that she was snubbed by Vanity Fair not because she's fat and black but because Precious is a stupid movie, her performance is unremarkable, and the only reason she got nominated for an Oscar is because the voters feel guilty about abused pregnant fat black girls with AIDS? Give me a fucking break. This is not injustice. Worry about something important.


Brian said...

Steven, I agree with you on one level—it's a pretty stupid thing to be up in arms about. But Vanity Fair, on the other hand, isn't addressing global concerns—at least not in this particular issue. It's displaying the entertainment industry, and as such leaving the recently popular actress out is a racist injustice of sorts.

That said, I don't read Vanity Fairfor exactly this reason, and simply can't understand the U.S. fascination with celebrity—period.

ep said...

I will never see this movie and rarely look at Vanity Fair (I did check out the recent issue with pix of Meryl Streep, but who doesn't love her?)

The few people who still buy magazines do so precisely to escape all the real world issues that you mentioned. In fact, people will do just about anything to avoid such issues. It's so much easier to get up in arms about the latest tabloid moment. It lets folks feel informed without their having to go very far beneath the surface.

Brian - I think people also act out their personal issues and fantasies through celebrities. Which is why Jennifer Aniston is so "important" to so many, as she represents the ultimate dumped woman. If she can't hold a man, who can?

I don't know this actress, but by calling her "fat and black" you just pushed two very hot buttons that the majority of the population can react to. It's all about hanging around the water cooler. if you don't do it at work, or work from home, then the virtual water cooler is the 'net.