Wednesday, February 21, 2007

American Idol.

I've finally seen American Idol. It's on at my dinnertime, and endlessly -- it's on when I sit down, for the last two nights I've watched it for about an hour, and it's still on when I get up to go. So, what's the object of this show? To find the loudest singer in America?

Even though I hadn't seen it, of course I knew a lot about it because people talk about it constantly. The buzz seems to be that Simon is cruel. Simon is not cruel enough. These kids are awful. Where do they come from?

Good lord, last night was the boys, and not one of them was better than bad. I mean really bad. Bad pitch, for goodness sake. If you can't sing on pitch, then what are you doing? Tonight, at least a couple of the girls were good singers. One of them was even a great singer. But I don't think she was louder than the two girls who sang Celine Dion songs, so I guess she won't win. Two. Celine Dion songs! What?

I don't understand this show at all.

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