Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I guess it was bound to happen. The guy who hates the food and the woman who talks loudly on the phone 18 hours a day (usually having very shall we say intimate conversation with her girlfriend) got into it today. In the "quiet" lounge. Which is never quiet, so I wasn't too surprised to hear shouting in there while I was showering. There are a couple people here who sound like they're shouting whenever they talk, and one of them is phone-sex woman. But this was real shouting, and apparently it was almost real fisticuffs when Food-hater told Phone-sexy to shut up and she invited him to make her shut up.

The altercation was about the volume or the style of music (hip hop) Phone-sexy was playing. In the "quiet" lounge. It turned into a racial clash (Phone-sexy is black, Food-hater is white) because apparently she asked him if it had been country music would he have asked her to turn it down and he said no. I think the word "cracker" was used. I couldn't take sides if I wanted to. I think nearly everyone in the study has had it up to here with the orgasmic phone conversations. And some of the guys have been taking bets before meals on what Food-hater will complain about first on his plate.

Five more days.

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