Friday, April 27, 2007

Now What?

It looks unlikely that I'll be going to school in the fall now. Because I didn't register for the draft when I was 18, I'm not eligible for financial aid, and I can't pay for it without help.

There were several questions about selective service registration on the financial aid form, which I paused over when I was filling it out, but I understood, from the way I read it, that I was safe because of my age. I must have misunderstood.

Strange that this is an issue now, when I'm way past the age that I could be drafted. I went to college for 3-1/2 years when I was college-age, to three different schools, and got plenty of financial aid. I think this requirement must have been instituted later. The man I spoke with at the financial aid office today, who gave me the bad news, told me that it's always been a requirement, but I know that's not true. If my not registering would have jeopardized my college plans, I would have swallowed my moral stance in a minute. At eighteen, I felt strongly about the military, but I'm sure I felt more strongly about going to college.

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