Saturday, July 28, 2007

It's Still Raining in Texas.

1. It's still raining in Texas.

2. I spent two months rent on my new glasses, or I should say lenses, because I still have my old frames. I should just put a big scratch on them now so I can relax.

3. Cucumbers, poblanos, and jalapeƱos. That's what loves to grow in our garden. Apparently that's what loves to grow in the CSA farm garden, too. And the jalapeƱos are super wicked hot. I chopped up a roasted one the other day and put a bit of it on a sandwich, and I burned my lip so bad I had to hold an ice cube on it for 15 minutes before I could finish eating.

4. It's still raining in Texas.

5. Lizzie Borden didn't do it. Maybe. I always thought she did, but I'm reading a couple new books that make me doubt my certainty.

6. J and I saw Hairspray this week. It's great. Go see it. Marijuana helps.

7. It's still-- A break in the rain! I'm going to ride my bike to the coffeeshop.

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Dagon said...

Now it's Sunday and it's still raining.