Wednesday, July 4, 2007


It's been raining on and off heavily for several days now, over a week. Every day, at the least we've had a downpour around dawn and another in the afternoon. If it were about 20 degrees cooler, I would swear I was in San Francisco.

I love the rainy weather, and I especially love that this very wet spring has postponed the arrival of the summer heat.

My room at the back of the house is surrounded by tall bamboo, and I have big windows on two sides. All I see is dripping wet green.

I'm reading A Private Disgrace by Victoria Lincoln, a book about the Lizzie Borden case. Her telling of the story, especially her account of the day of the murders, is mesmerizing. If you're interested at all in the Lizzie Borden story, this is the book to read first. I think she was the first to connect the murders with Lizzie's temporal epilepsy.

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