Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Did I mention here that I finished a first draft of my screenplay? I can't remember. This is the story with all the sex in it. Until this draft, I was calling it Anonymous Sex, but I was never too crazy about that title, I just couldn't think of anything better. Now I'm using Public Sex, which is more descriptive of the story, as a working title. I like the sound of it better, too.

I applied to the Sundance screenwriters lab program with this script. They only ask for a two-page synopsis and the first five pages of the screenplay, so I was able to submit it before I finished a first draft. But if you make the first cut, they want the full script pronto, so I wanted to have it ready. The Sundance program is a long shot, but I think the subject and approach are provocative enough and the writing good enough that I have a chance. I should hear from them around the middle of this month.

The other reason I wanted to finish it is that when I start school in the fall my priorities will take a sharp turn. I won't be doing much discretionary reading and writing.

All other considerations aside, I think I've written a really good script.

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