Saturday, September 22, 2007


I survived my first week at the gym. I'm still sore, but much less so. Now it's only a general soreness all over. In just a week, my shoulders are noticeably (to me) different, bigger, and that's enough encouragement to keep at it.

My first Biology exam is on Monday, so I'll be studying all weekend. I think I'm in fairly good shape because I've studied all along, but there's a shitload of vocabulary to keep in my brain.

The weather seems to be hinting the last few days that maybe, just maybe, summer will be over soon. If I have ever done anything remotely resembling praying, I am doing it now for that.

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m00nchild said...

Hiyas. Just dropping by to let you know you won my difficult movie trivia challenge.

As promised, you are now a parent. Here is your daughter.

She's a challenge, but I know you can do it.