Sunday, September 16, 2007

Jesus Was a Sissy and Christians are Hot.

I read a blog called Joe.My.God. every day. I started reading it because I can't stand the mainstream gay media -- which is too obsessed with shopping and hairless torsos -- but I still want to keep up with so-called gay culture and issues. Joe.My.God. is like a friend with a great sense of humor keeping you up to date.

Joe has a lot of readers, and every so often a subject will start a long free-wheeling thread of comments. Sometimes interesting, sometimes not. There are a few blowhards who are hard to take -- some might include me in that category and I'm okay with that -- but there are also a lot of smart, thoughtful commenters.

Things Joe's readers like to argue about are "old gay vs. new queer," "transexuals: yea or nay," and, lately, whether We (this community of people who can't agree on what we are or who is included or what to call ourselves but is broadly defined by some kind or other of sexual deviance) like or dislike being represented in the mainstream media by effeminate men (e.g., Carson what's-his-name on Queer Eye for the Blah-blah or more recently Chris Crocker, the so-called crazed Britney Spears fan who is actually a performance artist but people don't seem to be able to tell the difference between art and reality anymore): the "Sissy Question."

Aaaanyway, coincidentally, someone recently handed J, or he picked up somewhere, a religious tract called The Sissy, published by Chick Publications (named after the guy who writes the tracts). It's pretty funny, so I thought I'd share it with you. The drawing style reminds me of illustrated paperback porn novels that I used to buy at a great bookstore in the West Village. I can't remember the name of the store; it hasn't been there for years, but it was a neighborhood institution, very dusty and nondescript. Mostly, it had long racks of vintage 70s and earlier gay porn magazines. (I used to frequent the place in the early 80s, so I guess the magazines weren't really vintage then, just used. Ew.) And then smaller racks of pulp novels. A lot of them were truck driver stories. I loved them.


Mike M said...

I wanted a truck driver story, but then again, I guess I got one....

Prayer meeting anyone? It's to early to make any intelligent comments about that pamphlet, but it still stumps me why folks are so caught up by those mass destruction stories. I guess I understand the need for redemption, but can't it happen here, now and not entail so much guilt.

Two in a row. Mormon calendars and hot christian truckers.. Go for three.

m00nchild said...

*heart* Joe.My.God.

His blog finally convinced me to get up off my ass and start blogging years after I'd thought it'd be cool.

Jay -or- Jay Byrd -or- James Dean Jay Byrd said...

The tract was on the back of the urinal at the Paramount when we went to see the oh-so-homoerotic South Pacific. I scoured the website for tracts on homosexuality because I thought those would be loads of fun, but alas, they've steered clear so far.