Saturday, September 15, 2007

I Heart Mormons.

Check out the t-shirts and try to tell me they're not the gayest thing you've ever seen in your life. I want one SO bad. (Dutch Oven brown, medium.)


Mike M said...

You're killing me. I want the calendar...

This is my new attachment to all my current email. Thanks!

Now when is your birthday?

Steven said...

March 22. (Christmas comes first.)

m00nchild said...

I had an (ex) Mormon bf for 4.5 years. He was a sharp and shiny mess. But really fun in bed.

It's been 7 years since we broke up. I'm thinking I might send this to his parents and asking if bygones can be bygones.

Steven said...

I spent a good chunk of the last couple years in a tiny village in southern Utah, living and working with former and current Mormons.

Like most people I know who have escaped from creepy, repressive religious sects, my ex-Mormon friends are funny, fucked-up, and have wild sexual imaginations.

Sometimes I feel almost envious, like my agnostic liberal parents didn't give me nearly enough to work with.