Monday, November 9, 2009


I'm not sure what forum is best for expressing my thoughts about this facebook group called, "Against Gay Marriage? Then Don't Get One and Shut the Fuck Up." Every time a friend of mine joins it and it pops up in my Live Feed, I feel angry and frustrated. It's a serious bummer to have friends of mine -- for the most part, my facebook friends are really my friends -- tell me to shut the fuck up. I would guess that the people who are joining this group, supporting this sentiment, are the same people who roll their eyes at the Fox News crowd constantly calling Obama supporters communists, fascists, and Nazis. So take a look at your rhetoric. Is it seriously your position that people who disagree with you (for instance, me) should "Shut the Fuck Up"?

I've pontificated plenty here on my views regarding marriage, so I'll give that old tune a rest. It's too much for me to boil down into a pithy few words for a status update. I feel like starting a facebook group called "Don't Tell Me To Shut the Fuck Up. You Shut the Fuck Up!"

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Mike M said...

I so agree with you about the marriage thing...It does not seem to have anything to offer me. and like you've stated before, I'd like to remain apart from all the ritual of another (not my) culture.

but I did like the title of the group. Even if it (marriage) is not and will never be for me, some homos want that ring and that ceremony. Who am I to deny that want?

It makes me cringe as a gay flag agenda. It seems to take away so much energy from other great queer issues and gives the zealots another banner with which to march.

Not for me, but equal rights are the chance for fags to be as ridiculously suburban as everybody else- and that means rings, cakes and a sense that we can have what our sisters and brothers can..including divorce and legal partitioning of assets...

Now that you put this on should get lots of traffic for discussion...:)