Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Movie blur.

I've seen so many movies in the last two days I don't even remember what I've seen. I think we saw three on Monday, but the only one I can recall right now is Smiley Face, the new Gregg Araki film. J. and I both loved it. It's about a woman who accidentally eats a dozen marijuana cupcakes and how she gets through her day. Really, really funny. Especially if you get stoned first.

Oh yeah, also Monday we saw two programs of shorts. One narrative, one experimental. I'm a little confused about what exactly constitutes experimental in this day and age, but I enjoyed most of the films and some of them a lot. One standout in the experimental program was The Lonely Nights, The Color of Lemons, which told a sweet, touching story with a traditional narrative arc.

Yesterday we saw Billy the Kid, nearly impossible to describe but my favorite so far, Zoo, a documentary about a group of men in Seattle who had sexual relationships with horses. Very highly aestheticized, sort of like Erroll Morris. Interesting, disorienting, beautiful, not exactly edifying. Most of the scenes were reenactments, which was fairly obvious, but I still had questions throughout the film about what I was actually watching. I felt in the end that to create so much confusion was irresponsible. J. I think disagreed.

And last night we saw Monkey Warfare, about a couple of former activists living underground, and a young radical they meet who shakes up their lives. I think it's what they would call a "small film." I liked it a lot.

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