Friday, March 16, 2007

Our garden grows.

Someone's been enjoying our garden produce a little early. When I went out to the porch this morning with my coffee and newspaper, I noticed that one of the tomato plants had been chomped off down to the root. Whatever chewed it off didn't even eat it, just left it there limp and dead. And the one, single peanut that sprouted was gone too. There were canine footprints in the bed where it was planted, but I think it's more likely a bird ate it.

The sweet potatoes that I'm trying to root in a bowl of water are not doing much. I may give up on them and just let the watermelon vines take over the space I planned for sweet potatoes. The lima beans have not sprouted, which is perplexing. Maybe they just take a while. The watermelons may get that space too.

Everything else is thriving. The beans and snap peas are growing inches every day, the watermelons, cucumbers, and soybeans have sprouted. The herbs are a little tentative. They all look healthy and happy, but no new growth yet, except for the cilantro and parsley. And the flowers are all starting to come up. And we planted a little meyer lemon tree!

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