Thursday, March 8, 2007

Spring things.

The garden is almost all in. We still need to put in the tomatoes. There's a plant sale at one of the community gardens on Saturday and I'm hoping they'll have some there. I also want poblanos, but I haven't seen any plants at the nurseries. Maybe they'll have those too on Saturday. And the sweet potatoes haven't rooted yet, so I haven't planted them. But everything else is in the ground, either seeds or seedlings: 3 different kinds of chilies and bell peppers, cucumbers, lima beans, watermelons, pole beans and snap peas, climbing spinach, and peanuts. And in the herb garden: basil (Italian and holy basil), sage, cilantro, parsley, and chives. And I'm rooting some lemongrass to plant in the herb garden, too.

I got an email from a local CSA farm this morning letting me know there's a share available for us. (All the CSA farms I contacted last month were booked up -- things start early in Texas!) So we'll start getting a box of produce every other week now through July from the Johnson Farm.

The weather could not be more gorgeous. It's in the 70s and sunny during the day and gets down to about 50 at night. I'm soaking it up, hoping it lasts for a good while before the heat comes.

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