Thursday, February 1, 2007


Speaking of Tiny Mythic Theatre Company, there may be a new production of my Lizzie Borden musical in the works. This is the musical that I wrote with Tim Maner back in 1990 (?), with not insignificant input from the original performers (Loren Kidd, Alison White, Abigail Gampel, and Tanya Elder, and later Annette Houlihan Verdolino).

We did it as a one-act in Tiny Mythic's American Living Room festival -- I think it was the first year of the American Living Room, which was the festival that started the whole summer theater festival thing in New York -- and then a few years later Tim expanded it into a full-length piece. I wrote a few new songs for that production, but I didn't participate as fully as in the first production, since by that time Y'all was taking up so much of my life.

Anyway, a New York playwright, who is an old friend of Tim's, has asked us about optioning the show for a new production. He and his wife are big fans of the show, and apparently have access to some investors and want to mount a production in New York.

I'm excited. Sometimes I regret that a lot of my work from that time is probably lost. We worked hard, did our shows, hoped for an audience, hoped for reviews, but all those productions had short runs and when a show was over it was over. On to the next one. I think some of my work from those off-off-Broadway theater days is some of my best.

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