Thursday, February 1, 2007

What it is.

An artist craves an audience. Someone to tell the stories to.

For years and years, playing in bands, I could more or less count on an audience. We had gigs. That was the reason we wrote the songs and practiced them, to play out. Then I fell into the downtown theater world and Tiny Mythic Theatre Company. Everything I wrote during that time was for productions that were underway. We were all doing it by the seat of our pants, and I didn't realize till later how lucky I was to be writing musicals and having them produced immediately.

That work led to many years on the road, doing shows with Y'all, a musical vaudeville act that always had an audience. The audience spurred and sustained the work. It wouldn't have existed without its fans.

This solitary writing life is different. No audience. I'm writing screenplays, so there's always an audience in mind, the audience who will see the film if it gets made. But now, while I do the writing, it's just me. In fact, the writing usually goes better when I momentarily forget about that audience.

So I think that's what this blog is. An attempt to keep a connection with the audience alive. To tell the small stories while I work on the bigger ones for bigger venues.

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