Friday, February 2, 2007


I spent the morning researching CSA farms in Austin. Since I'm so broke now, like really broke, I have to stop eating in restaurants -- it's not like I spent that much in restaurants, we always eat at cheap places, but even 10 bucks for dinner a couple times a week is out of the question now -- and cook all our meals at home.

We've been buying most of our groceries at Whole Foods and Wheatsville, the local co-op. Whole Foods is, well, Whole Foods: great stuff, nearly everything you could ever want, and pricey. Also, not much local stuff. They try, but most of the produce is from very far away. And I love Wheatsville, but there's just not much there, and it's also expensive.

One of the CSA farms I found costs about half what the others cost, but you work on the farm for a few hours a month. That's the one I'd like to join. I think, with farm produce every week, supplemented by our garden when we get that going in the spring, we'll be able to eat for a fraction of what we're spending now. We may have to buy a little freezer, because I think I'll be processing and preserving a lot of vegetables to use later, and right now all we have is a smallish fridge/freezer.

Jay is more solvent right now, so he won't have to be as severe as me, but he supports the plan in general, for all the reasons (political, environmental, health) that it's a good idea.

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