Sunday, February 4, 2007

My eyes II.

I asked J. if my eyes look any better today, and he said they do. "Yesterday they were all shapely." I think he meant "misshapen." They feel better, not so itchy, but they're still all puffed up. I look like an old Tibetan man.

I have a date this afternoon, but I'm going to cancel. It's a first date with a guy I chatted with online a couple days ago. (He's going to call this afternoon when he gets home from Molly Ivins's memorial service. The fact that he's going to Molly Ivins's memorial service seems propitious.) The last first date I had, I threw my back out the day before and had to cancel because I was still pretty much immobile. That was right before Christmas. By the time I was on my feet again, I was leaving town to visit my family. In the meantime, I guess we both lost interest, or momentum. Anyway, we didn't get in touch again.

What a beautiful day, in the 60s and sunny. Our neighbors next door are having a yard sale. J. bought a kitchen table. It's a little smaller than the one we've been using (on loan from a friend), so it doesn't feel quite so crowded in there. Perfect!

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