Friday, February 9, 2007


I finished my tax returns today. Besides the federal return, I have two state returns. Good thing there's no state income tax in Texas, or I would have three. The reason I'm doing it so early is that I need the information when I fill out my financial aid application.

I was hoping, even if I didn't have a refund coming, that I would at least break even on federal taxes since I had money withheld from my checks at my restaurant jobs in San Francisco and Utah, but I owe $128 because of the $4000 I made for the drug study I did last fall. Because of that (and $28 in royalties for The Egg Man in a 9-year-old episode of Premium Blend that they rerun on Comedy Central every summer), they consider me self-employed, so I have to pay self-employment tax.

But I will get small refunds from California and Utah, so, in the end, I'm not too far in the red.

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