Friday, July 20, 2007

One of Those Days.

I sometimes say -- jokingly, because actually it was the fact that I couldn't get by on what I was making at the job that I hated -- that I left San Francisco because it rained every day for a month and a half. It really did -- that part is true.

It hasn't rained every day for a month and a half here in Austin, but damn near. And for a lot longer than a month and a half. It seems like it's been raining since March. Everything smells like mildew. There's mold growing everywhere. The garden is as over it as I am.

Today I had orientation at U.T. That's why I'm so aware of the rain, because I walked around in it all day. Somehow in all the confusion about my financial aid, I missed the earlier orientation session, so this was a makeup session. I can't register for my classes until August 23, but I had a great meeting with an academic adviser who strongly recommended I major in American Studies, which is an interdisciplinary major. I might just.

I'd been thinking about majoring in English, or something they have here called Rhetoric and Writing. But American Studies is broader and less concerned with theory, and I like that. As far as credits toward my degree, I'm in pretty much the same boat no matter what major I choose. There's a handful of general requirements I have to fulfill, and the rest will be courses in my major.

Right after I walked out the door this morning, I turned around to go back for something (I can't remember what), but I couldn't get my door unlocked. The deadbolt was stuck. I tried for a minute, but it wouldn't budge, so I gave up and left. When I got home this afternoon, I went in J's door in front (same key). I tried my lock from the inside but it was still just as stuck and while trying to get it unstuck I broke my key off in the lock.

Browsing through the course schedule on line, it looks like pretty much every class I want or need is full already. Nice.

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Dagon said...

UT's classes always look like they're full. It's a fucking pain but you can get permission from the instructor then have a sorority girl at the dean of students rubber stamp it...don't give up, gotta go through this almost every semester.